Support Jason Siff’s 2015 visit

Jason Siff will be travelling to New Zealand during November and December 2015. Each year, Jason spends a month in Australia where he offers residential retreats focusing on Recollective Awareness meditation. His 2015 visit to New Zealand is an addition to this... Read more

Getting It

Every meditation practice seems to have a particular experience of ‘getting it’. That experience may not be the goal of meditation, but it is a defining moment — it is when the meditation practice makes sense, it is full of possibility, and all you have to... Read more

Monkeys, Do Your Thing

In my practice I ordinarily sit with an attitude of interest towards thinking. Since the fantasy that my thinking will suddenly disappear doesn’t captivate me anymore,  I might as well let in my thoughts to find out what they have to say. Less welcoming views of... Read more

Maybe Thoughts Aren’t Like Clouds

This post picks up where the the last one left off. In the land of meditation, thinking is not always regarded as similar to a pack of delinquent monkeys bent on torment and malfeasance. There’s also a popular metaphor that as far as I can tell comes from Zen that... Read more

Inner Processing in Meditation

Processing of psychological material is not often seen as something one does in meditation, and yet most meditators do a fair bit of internal processing of emotions, memories, and plans when they sit. With Recollective Awareness, where all of a person’s thoughts and... Read more