Recollective Awareness — It's meditation, but not as you know it.

Who is it for?


Ideal for meditators looking to fine-tune their practice, RAM can be used by:



looking for a gentle and realistic approach to meditation.



who feel stuck or ‘out of the habit’ and want to reignite their interest in meditation.



looking to explore and better understand their mind and how it works.

What is Recollective Awareness Meditation?

Developed by Jason Siff, Recollective Awareness Meditation is a unique and innovative approach to meditation. It’s called Recollective Awareness because significant emphasis is placed on recollecting what happens when you meditate. This allows you to continually learn from your own experience, and helps to free you from reliance on a specific teacher or technique.

In this approach there are no rules to meditate by. You can meditate in any manner you choose,  or you can experiment with the simple suggestions for beginners.

If you’re new to Recollective Awareness or meditation in general, you may like to start in the resources section, by reading some of the articles, or listening to the various podcasts which introduce and describe various aspects of the practice.

Alternatively, come along and learn from an experienced Recollective Awareness Meditation Teacher.

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